Pepperwood Village and Kaleidoscope Condominiums Community Garage Sale

         April 28, 2012

From 7 a.m. through 3 p.m. 

Both communities will again be selling their wares.  All homeowners will be putting their items for sale out in their garages or just on the grass to sell.

If you are looking to purchase household goods, children’s items such as clothes, toys, bikes, furniture, books,

OR larger electronic items, you may find it here.

Cross streets are Walnut at Cerritos across from Disneyland. Look for the banner signs on the fence that show “Community Yard Sale”.

I am sure you will have a wonderful time!



Pepperwood Village – 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths near Disneyland






(714) 813-1809

Community Garage Sale at Pepperwood Village and Kaleidoscope Condominiums

Community Yard Sale

October 8, 2011 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

(The photo shows 2009  banner)


Cross streets are Cerritos and Walnut in Anaheim

  • There will be another garage sale this year, a little earlier than 2010.

  • It will be advertised in the Pennysaver and the Register.

  •  Approximately 400 homes will be selling anything and evrything including housewares, clothes, toys, electronics and more!

     We will have LARGE BANNERS and open house directional signs. I suggest you come early for the best pickings. Have a wonderful time!

Pepperwood Village Townhomes located near Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

This is a wonderful place to live. I have noticed lately that some buyers want to buy in this area since they visit the area a few times a year; rather than stay in a hotel, they buy here. Therefore, I thought I would put together some information for anyone thinking about living here.

There are some one story homes both 2 and 3 bedroom either about 960 square feet of living space or just close to 1060. The exact number would be found at the tax assessor’s office.

There are both 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes here also. The 4 bedrooms have one bedroom downstairs with a 3/4 bath. They range in living space of 1466 square feet  – 1500 + .

Association dues are about $205-$210 per different homeowners. There is a clubhouse, children’s playground area, association pool. This complex is close to bus lines,  shopping, the Disneyland Resort,  and FREEWAYS.

SOLD: Pepperwood Village 1357 s. Walnut Street # 3550

Sold, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home close to Disneyland.

There is a demand for homes in this complex. If you live in this complex or know someone who does, please let me know. I really DO HAVE BUYERS who want to buy here!

Per title records, it is 1446 square feet of living space. THIS IS NOT A SHORT SALE, it is a regular sale.

It does need some updating, but it is a steal at this price!

Association dues are low, approximately $210 per month.



Pepperwood Village and Kaleidoscope Condominiums Community Yard Sale, November 6, 2010

Well, it was that time of year again….Pepperwood Village and Kaleidoscope Condominiums decided to have their annual YARD SALE at Ball and Cerritos streets in Anaheim near Disneyland!

We had about 400 families participating. Everything imaginable was put out for sale. One homeowner said ‘ I cannot believe the things that people would buy’….. And of course, the price was definitely right.

I bought a soup bowl with a ladle, a nice entertainment dish.. I did not need one, but the price was right!!

We put up banners like last year, advertised in the Pennysaver and the Register again. It seems that the turnout of visitors was greater in 2010 as compared to 2009. Perhaps that is reflective of the economy.

I would love to sponsor other neighborhoods who might want a neighborhood garage sale. PLEASE call or email and I would be happy to sponsor it for you.

Garage Sales That DO WORK!

Huge Banner to Advertise the Garage Sale

First I need to say that I absolutely love to visit garage sales. Last November when I held a neighborhood garage sale for PEPPERWOOD Village and Kaleidoscope Townhomes, not only did everyone have a blast, but they all made some extra money. I know we all have “stuff” in our homes that we do not use, have not used for a very long time. So it is my belief that we need to get rid of the clutter and make some money.

This is April, a good time of year to have a garage sale or at least PLAN to have one. To get rid of your clutter, you need to have Three Boxes:

Families displayed their wares as customers happily bought!

2.  A box which you will donate

3.  A box which will be for SALE

Many garage-sellers are entering the market for the first time or re-entering it as a way to raise cash, and experienced shoppers know this because the quality of the goods has gone down.

People hold on to possessions longer in a recession, but now they’re trying to sell what they might have thrown away or donated to charity in the past.

If you are selling, plan to sort the things you will be selling, for example, books, clothes, household goods,
and so on.


You should have a  pricing guide which helps sellers price their items and buyers with their bargaining power. Price low. That should be the goal if you want to get rid of stuff. For pricing guidelines, visit thrift stores, not eBay.

-Heed the signs. Keep signs on every other block and every corner where a turn is required in the city (a half-mile apart along longer stretches in the suburbs). Make sure the address and sale dates are large and easily readable. Add balloons to attract the eye.

A drive-by can tell shoppers a lot about garage sales, especially if they are looking to hit several in one day.

-Sell with others. Doing it alone is too much work.

-Sell to early birds, but charge extra, say a $10 “tax” for a purchase. Keep it short. Make the sale one or two, but not three, days.

-Promote yourself. Advertise as much as you can in the newspaper and on Craigslist, Facebook and bulletin boards.

-Cut prices. Advertise that on the last day or last afternoon, everything is half-price.

-Offer details. Be specific about sale items in an ad, such as a leaf blower, musical instruments or furniture.

-Be friendly. Greet everyone who comes to the sale

-Group small items and sell everything for $1 or more to eliminate coins.

-Plan ahead. Take the spring and summer to collect, price and box items to sell in the fall.
-Choose the best hours- 8 a.m. to noon on Thursday and Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.
-Donate leftovers. Call ahead to have charities pick up what’s unsold.

What to know if you’re buying
-Don’t bring your purse. Leave it in the trunk. Keep quarters, ones and fives in a pants pocket or jacket.
-Cruise around. Check good neighborhoods for better quality goods, but haggle if prices are too high.
-Shop later. Browse in the late afternoon or on the last day for the best bargains. Any offer is fair near closing time.

-Play it safe. Skip cribs, mattresses, car seats and hockey helmets due to possible safety concerns.
-Set limits. If you’re concerned about overbuying, commit to limits on spending or the number of items.
-Leave your card. Ask to be called if an item remains unsold and the seller is willing to accept your price.

When selling, if it’s late in the afternoon and you still have alot of nice quality goods left over, then it is overpriced.  On the other hand, if there is only one  table set up, people are going to pass on it and probably won’t buy. Buyers will most likely bargain lowest at the end of the day.


Remove the signs when the sale is over.

Big items in the driveway are going to draw people in.

Have a box of toys around so children can play while parents shop.

Have Clean merchandise.

Have electronics in the back of the sale and have them up and running so buyers know they work.

Never ever put masking tape on wood furniture. When masking tape comes off the wood, the glue won’t.

For a very VISIBLE GARAGE SALE,  call ME! I have  a few HUGE Banners and garage sale signs. My assisants and I KNOW how to attract buyers to your homes . I will advertise the garage sale for one week in both the Orange County Register and The Pennysaver. We will also distribute fliers in different surrounding neighborhoods.

Now that you know what my plan of action is, LET’S DO IT! I will supply all signs and advertising. Just bring your household goods and let’s make some MONEY and un-clutter your homes!!!!

This was a really successful YARD sale in Anaheim!

pwood_garage_sale2_600Well, this day is finally over.  The banners were up, the ads in the Pennysaver and the Register, both online and in print were placed. Fliers were delivered to about 500 houses to let the event be advertised……We wanted many people to come and purchase the products for sale that these homeowners no longer wanted. This was a huge success. Not only were the residents able to “empty” their homes, but they also made some money…..and, the public who came got some wonderful “buys”.

If you would like to have a community garage sale as well, please contact me. It would be my privilege to assist and sponsor it for you also. The banners I have had made are reusable; all we need to do is change the date.  Feel free to send me an email or phone.  This was so much fun, everyone just let their hair down!

SOLD: 1495 W. Cerritos #1, Anaheim

mario600This property is now in escrow.  It is a  lovely ONE STORY condo END unit located close to the Disneyland Resort. It consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. The garage is attached to the patio, and when you enter the garage you will walk directly from the patio into the house. It is a beautiful floor plan.

Open, spacious and updated! Sellers want a quick sale.