Pepperwood Village Townhomes located near Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

This is a wonderful place to live. I have noticed lately that some buyers want to buy in this area since they visit the area a few times a year; rather than stay in a hotel, they buy here. Therefore, I thought I would put together some information for anyone thinking about living here.

There are some one story homes both 2 and 3 bedroom either about 960 square feet of living space or just close to 1060. The exact number would be found at the tax assessor’s office.

There are both 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes here also. The 4 bedrooms have one bedroom downstairs with a 3/4 bath. They range in living space of 1466 square feet  – 1500 + .

Association dues are about $205-$210 per different homeowners. There is a clubhouse, children’s playground area, association pool. This complex is close to bus lines,  shopping, the Disneyland Resort,  and FREEWAYS.

Downsizing and Saving Money – Good Trend

Do you want to DECREASE your living expenses?

Do you want to own your own condo or house at a low price, low payment and still be able to be financially secure?

I remember many years ago when we bought our first house; sold it at a profit 8 years later, bought up again, and again. Made some profit for sure; isn’t that what we were supposed to do?

My husband and I also continued to buy “stuff”, because with a bigger house, you need to buy more things to fill it. It also meant buying two cars, commuting to work, etc. Many of us only realize after we buy the big house and the closets of clothing and toys that we have too much stuff and too many financial obligations. Unwinding ourselves from the financial burdens of a big house payment or car lease can be difficult, especially in this economy.

Therefore I have been noticing some changes not only in my family and friends but clients as well who want to downsize. How does one do that?

Make small changes little by little, not all at once. Do not discard all everything at once.

Think about what you want, not what you think you’re supposed to want.  Do not care about the Joneses. We used to want to be like the Joneses, and that only got many of us into debt.  Live below your means because you want to.

Save your money. Even if you earn little interest, at least you saved it.

Depend on spending as little as possible weekly so it is considered a fixed expense. The rest is yours to do whatever you want to do with it – save in savings account, and so on.

You will have less debt, perhaps live in a smaller home or condo and have less obligations. No doubt, you will be happier!

SOLD : 2314 S. Mira Court #160, Anaheim, CA

I am very proud to represent this property.

This is a Smoketree Townhome, built by Warmington,  located between Harbor and Chapman streets, close to Disneyland Resort, Crystal Cathedral, bus lines, shopping, restaurants and more.

It consists of 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms upstairs, and 1/2 bath downstairs. Direct access from the garage to the house. Step saving kitchen makes dining a delight in the dining area off the kitchen.  Warm cozy fireplace is so nice during those cold winter nights!

Living space is about 1392 square feet.  Walk from your attached garage directly into the home; This gives you a good feeling of security.  Front patio great for your small animals and children.  Great for bar-b-que!